A Flat Golf Swing – The Culprit behind the Slice Shot

Among those golfers who visit the golf course occasionally, the main trouble is the flat golf swing. It is identified as the reason behind a slice, described as the scourge of many golf players. However, it has to be acknowledged at this juncture that Ben Hogan, one of the great ball strikers of the game had used this doomed flat golf swing to produce amazing results. He flouted every rule in the book about hitting the ball and went on to become a top player of his time.

A perfectly executed golf swing will have the backswing and downswing traveling the same path, but in opposite directions. Without any hesitation or difficulty, the backswing should go backwards and then come back along the same trajectory to hit the ball. While playing a flat golf swing, the path follows the figure eight. At takeaway, the path is flat on the ball, later moves away from the body at the peak of the swing, the club taking a path from outside to inside and forcing the ball towards right for right-handed golfers.

One way to get rid of the flat golf swing is to imagine a golf swing as the cracking of a whip. This will help in hitting straighter shots, whether off the tee or from the ground. In this method, the club is at right angles to the ball at takeaway, then follows an elliptical path and comes back to the same position to hit the ball with force.


The timing of cracking the whip decides the direction of the ball

While cracking a whip, the person handling it doesn’t let it crack above his head. He let it come down slowly before the cracking action. This technique may be incorporated in the swing action to do away with the flat golf swing. While the backswing reaches its top flight, the golfer should relax his grip on the club. He should allow the club to fall freely during the first part of the downswing. At the right moment, the player should increase pressure and grip the club tightly to whip the clubhead as it hits the ball with full force.

One important aspect to remember during the swing shot is that your club should feel like an extension of your arm and not as a bludgeon to destroy the ball. Maintaining the line and length of the swing from takeaway to the moment the club hits the ball, is essential for the success of the swing, irrespective of Ben Hogan’s exploits with the flat golf swing.

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