A Flat Golf Swing – The Culprit behind the Slice Shot

Among those golfers who visit the golf course occasionally, the main trouble is the flat golf swing. It is identified as the reason behind a slice, described as the scourge of many golf players. However, it has to be acknowledged at this juncture that Ben Hogan, one of the great ball strikers of the game had used this doomed flat golf swing to produce amazing results. He flouted every rule in the book about hitting the ball and went on to become a top player of his time.

A perfectly executed golf swing will have the backswing and downswing traveling the same path, but in opposite directions. Without any hesitation or difficulty, the backswing should go backwards and then come back along the same trajectory to hit the ball. While playing a flat golf swing, the path follows the figure eight. At takeaway, the path is flat on the ball, later moves away from the body at the peak of the swing, the club taking a path from outside to inside and forcing the ball towards right for right-handed golfers.

One way to get rid of the flat golf swing is to imagine a golf swing as the cracking of a whip. This will help in hitting straighter shots, whether off the tee or from the ground. In this method, the club is at right angles to the ball at takeaway, then follows an elliptical path and comes back to the same position to hit the ball with force.


The timing of cracking the whip decides the direction of the ball

While cracking a whip, the person handling it doesn’t let it crack above his head. He let it come down slowly before the cracking action. This technique may be incorporated in the swing action to do away with the flat golf swing. While the backswing reaches its top flight, the golfer should relax his grip on the club. He should allow the club to fall freely during the first part of the downswing. At the right moment, the player should increase pressure and grip the club tightly to whip the clubhead as it hits the ball with full force.

One important aspect to remember during the swing shot is that your club should feel like an extension of your arm and not as a bludgeon to destroy the ball. Maintaining the line and length of the swing from takeaway to the moment the club hits the ball, is essential for the success of the swing, irrespective of Ben Hogan’s exploits with the flat golf swing.

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Learning To Play the Game with Beginner Golf Swing Instructions

If you are just thinking of taking up the game of golf or if you are a beginner of the game who is too embarrassed about the scorecard, beginner golf swing instructions can do a world of good to your score and confidence. You will see your score improve overnight and give your scorecard respectability. Even though you can improve your score by bettering various aspects of the game, a correct swing has the most amazing effect on the scorecard.

Depending on the circumstances, there are ways to improve the comfort of a golf swing. The beginner golf swing instructions can help you find the right grip and the perfect swing, irrespective of whether you are hitting a driver off a tee or an iron shot on the fairway. Balance is the most important aspect of a good golf swing. It helps you to backswing and downswing with ease, grace and precision and not look like a woodcutter chopping a piece of wood with his axe.

beginner-golfIf you can take off with the backswing accurately, the downswing will happen on its own. The switch happening at the top of the swing will be smooth, which sets the stage for the club to meet the ball with great force. For this to happen, it is essential to learn the correct stance, balance and grip. This is exactly what the beginner golf swing instructions can teach you. With a good swinging technique, you can send the ball flying long and straight with consistency and precision.

How to keep the golf swing simple?

During the downswing, when the club comes back to meet the ball, its success depends on the co-ordination of your hands and eyes. With a good hand-eye co-ordination, you will able to connect well with the ball. Even though the beginner golf swing instructions will teach the swing fundamentals and techniques, each individual golfer will develop their own unique swing style that is comfortable and works best for them.

By watching professional golfers closely, you will learn that no two swings are executed in the same way. The basic guidelines given in beginner golf swing instructions are helpful to keep the club head square with the ball at the time of impact. This is useful to avoid hooking to the left and slicing to the right. Beginner golf swing instructions also help improve another important aspect of swing, balance.  Balance is vital for adding distance to the perfectly executed shots.

Moreover, you can save yourself lots of time by learning to hit straight with beginner golf swing instructions. Otherwise, you will be spending most of your time looking for lost balls than playing the game. Once you learn to hit straight, the distance follows on its own.

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How to Better Your Golf Swing with the Aiming Point in the Golf Swing?

While executing golf swing, the oft-repeated advice is, ‘Do not take your eyes from the ball’. This means that while taking the swing shot, your head should be down and eyes focused on the ball.  In a way, this is correct. However, it is also true that to execute the shot well, it is uncomfortable to keep your eyes fixed on the ball itself. It is easier to concentrate on areas close to the ball, instead of on the ball. This will help you concentrate on the spot where you want the club to make contact with the ball, resulting in extracting utmost flight out of the club. This method is known as the aiming point in the golf swing.

Imagine yourself taking a swing shot in a sand bunker. The aiming point in the golf swing here is about a quarter inch behind the ball. The reason for fixing the aiming point in the golf swing behind the ball in a sand bunker is to place sand between the ball and the wedge. When you do this, the ball is carried out of the bunker by the flying sand and not by the impact of the wedge on the ball. When the aiming point in the golf swing is on the ball itself, it is easy to lose control and the ball takes off with too much speed and unrestrained flight.

How to identify the aiming point?

ClubAimIdeally, it is better to have some medium between the ball and the clubface, while using a wedge or a higher-numbered iron. From a pitching wedge to 8-iron or even 7-iron for some shots, when hitting a ball, the aiming point in the golf swing should be just ahead of the ball. This will create a divot, which comes between the ball and the clubface. By doing so, you will have better control over the flight of the ball. In case of middle to long irons, the aiming point in the golf swing should be on the ball itself. The design of the irons is suitable for this. While using the woods, it is recommended to have the aiming point in the golf swing to be behind the ball to derive maximum power.

Connecting the ball at the right point is an art you will be able to acquire with practice. Once you know how to connect properly, you can exploit the potential of the shots. This can get you more accuracy and distance from the clubs. And also more pleasure from playing the game!