How to Better Your Golf Swing with the Aiming Point in the Golf Swing?

While executing golf swing, the oft-repeated advice is, ‘Do not take your eyes from the ball’. This means that while taking the swing shot, your head should be down and eyes focused on the ball.  In a way, this is correct. However, it is also true that to execute the shot well, it is uncomfortable to keep your eyes fixed on the ball itself. It is easier to concentrate on areas close to the ball, instead of on the ball. This will help you concentrate on the spot where you want the club to make contact with the ball, resulting in extracting utmost flight out of the club. This method is known as the aiming point in the golf swing.

Imagine yourself taking a swing shot in a sand bunker. The aiming point in the golf swing here is about a quarter inch behind the ball. The reason for fixing the aiming point in the golf swing behind the ball in a sand bunker is to place sand between the ball and the wedge. When you do this, the ball is carried out of the bunker by the flying sand and not by the impact of the wedge on the ball. When the aiming point in the golf swing is on the ball itself, it is easy to lose control and the ball takes off with too much speed and unrestrained flight.

How to identify the aiming point?

ClubAimIdeally, it is better to have some medium between the ball and the clubface, while using a wedge or a higher-numbered iron. From a pitching wedge to 8-iron or even 7-iron for some shots, when hitting a ball, the aiming point in the golf swing should be just ahead of the ball. This will create a divot, which comes between the ball and the clubface. By doing so, you will have better control over the flight of the ball. In case of middle to long irons, the aiming point in the golf swing should be on the ball itself. The design of the irons is suitable for this. While using the woods, it is recommended to have the aiming point in the golf swing to be behind the ball to derive maximum power.

Connecting the ball at the right point is an art you will be able to acquire with practice. Once you know how to connect properly, you can exploit the potential of the shots. This can get you more accuracy and distance from the clubs. And also more pleasure from playing the game!