Regaining His Stride: How Phil Mickelson Did It

Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson, the 6’3″ professional golfer, is overjoyed at the Crown Plaza Invitational this May.

When people think of professional athletes, they usually think of strapping, tall men with ripped muscles and the strength of a mountain lion. They don’t usually think of a paunch belly tucked into a pair of comfortable pants. Yet golf does not necessarily demand such athleticism. That was until upstart Tiger Woods showed up one day, however, and changed the game with his raw athleticism that made him longer off the tees and gave him great precision. Right after that, golfers around the world started hitting the gym. Except for a few, like Phil Mickelson. Gary Player, known as the Jack LaLanne of the golfing world, was once quoted saying about Mickelson, “Every time he walked you could see his breasts bouncing all over the place!”

Yet it was at the start of this season that Mickelson showed up looking healthier than ever… and 20 pounds lighter. Back in 2006, the man ordered some grave-drenched french fries for his champion’s dinner after winning the Masters. Surprisingly, however, Mickelson has recently started taking his health seriously with trainer Sean Cochran. “Once the younger players started to come on tour, he realized that he had to start working out to maintain longevity in his career,”was Cochran’s explanation.

It was also decided that a new swing was in order for the 38-year-old golf veteran. Cochran is currently working with Mickelson to put together a new swing that will text his flexibility, muscular attributes, and raw power. The idea is to not only make Mickelson a better golfer, but also get him healthier while driving his golf balls farther and getting them in the holes more quickly. With new fitness will come more stamina to get him playing back to back rounds. It’s finally being revealed how Cochran is assisting Mickleson in his swings.